A Tradition Built on Quality

In the tradition started by Howard Colman, Crandall Stats and Sensors™ develops people and processes in an effort to solve problems. We find new and exciting ways to cost effectively maximize all production processes, as well as all external vendor and customer transactions, yielding continual savings for the users of our products. We work with our manufacturing partners to assure optimal value-add to our product offerings, further allowing Crandall Stats and Sensors™ to grow as a high-quality, long-term corporation.

Our Mission

Crandall Stats and Sensors™. is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing high quality, cost competitive products and services made in America, by empowering and enriching our staff at work, at home and in the community.

Short term, the focus of Crandall Stats and Sensors™ is to minimize waste and to optimize our customers’ experience in the Stats and Sensors market.  Long term, Crandall Stats and Sensors™ pursues product offerings and or services that contribute to the greening of our greater community and support the growth of our business.

  • Turnkey production proficiency
  •  Fixture design capabilities
  •  Full climate controlled assembly and test abilities
  •  Flow solder and through hole insertion
  •  Wire processing (lugging, stripping, wrapping, tying)
  •  Brazing of copper, brass and mild steel
  •  Vacuum filling of various fluids
  •  Tool room and prototype aptitudes
  •  Complete finished goods warehouse with shipping and receiving capabilities
  • I will work safely and will encourage and support safe practices in everyone around me
  • I will strive to produce the best quality products for my customers
  • I will encourage an environment where everyone is inspired to communicate opportunities to minimize waste in the company
  • I will be a flexible and proactive contributor to my company
  • I will strive to learn and grow
  • I will be realistic in my promises and am responsible for delivering on them
  • I am a part of a team and will promote performance, behaviors and activities that encourage the team to excel
  • I will encourage activities and efforts that promote an enjoyable environment in which to work
  • I am responsible to our customers, our company, my family and my community
  • I will strive to be green

Our Core DNA

  • Due to the complexity, the variety and low volume nature of our products, knowledge and experience are critical to the success of our business.
  • All individuals will be expected to be capable and willing to perform a variety of jobs for the business.
  • Waste (scrap, rework, inefficiency, etc.) inhibits optimal performance.
  • Communications throughout the business is critical to assure problems and opportunities are quickly and thoroughly addressed.
  • Short term our product offering will focus on current (and possibly past) as of 2012, Schneider Electric Stat Sensor Products. Long term, the business will pursue other potential product offerings that include equipment for the HVAC markets and Green Energy markets.
  • Initial core business skills include:
    • Hi mix-low volume assembly and calibration,
    • Temperature sensing bulb production,
    • Wire set production,
    • Through-hole PCB assembly,
    • Machining operations such as milling, drilling and spot welding,
    • Tool, die and fixture fabrication capabilities,
    • Stocking and shipping

Meet Our Team

815.316.8600 ext 3351 [email protected]
Human Resources Manager/Owner
815.316.8600 ext. 3360 [email protected]
Operations Manager
815.316.8600 ext. 3608 [email protected]
Principal Engineer
815.316.8600 ext. 3837 [email protected]
Materials Manager
815.316.8600 ext. 3721 [email protected]
Quality Engineer
815.316.8600 ext. 3722 [email protected]
Facilities Manager
815.316.8600 ext. 3205 [email protected]
Team Leader
815.316.8600 ext. 3694 [email protected]
Principal Engineer
815.316.8600 ext. 3190 [email protected]
Project Manager
815.316.8600 ext. 3859 [email protected]
Inventory/Customer Specialist
815.316.8600 ext. 3620 [email protected]
Inventory/Customer Specialist
815.316.8600 ext. 3590 [email protected]
I love when my humans take me to work so I can get plenty of treats and head scratches!
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