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Mike Crandall

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3351

Human Resources/Owner

Kathy Crandall

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3360

Operations Manager

Schscha Lofquist

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3608

Principal engineer

Mike Trefilek

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3837

Principal Engineer

Bill LeFevre

(P)815.316.8600 ext . 3190

quality manager

Brian Finn

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3722 

Production Manager

Gayla Maddock

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3859

Group Leader

Pat Marshall

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3694

materials manager

Crystal Goldsmith

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3721


Bob Maddock

(P)815.316.8600 ext. 3205 


-Technical Support
-Stock Availability

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