We have teamed up with Ege WorkSmart Solutions to promote an ergonomically safe environment for our employees here at Crandall Stats and Sensors. Ege WorkSmart Solutions has provided us with their Stretch It Out!® program, which was developed by Scott Ege, a licensed physical therapist and ergonomics specialist.  Our twice daily group stretching helps prevent injuries here at work. Crandall Stats and Sensors also utilizes Ege WorkSmart Solutions for a program called Early Intervention.  Russ Morgan is an Early Intervention Specialist with Ege WorkSmart Solutions.  He is also a Certified Athletic Trainer with over 20 years of orthopedic experience.  Russ visits with our employees once a month to provide first-aid interventions that may be needed to keep an “ache from becoming a pain”.  He also provides guidance regarding ergonomics and general wellness of our workforce.  We feel this is a valuable benefit to our employees and the company.